Door Devil Anti Kick Door Jam Security Kit

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Without a Door Devil™ – your home has a critical security weakness. With “Smash & Grab” tactics, burglars are IN/OUT of your home in minutes.


Product Description

Security Weakness: Without a Door Devil™ – your home has a critical security weakness. With “Smash & Grab” tactics, burglars are IN/OUT of your home in minutes. Police simply can’t respond that quickly.

Alarms Don’t Stop Kicks: Nearly 70% of burglars enter by kicking or forcibly breaching your door. Unfortunately, many homeowners spend hundreds on security & alarm systems but neglect the place they will be attacked – the door.

The Easy Home Door Security Solution: Door Devil™ provides door security for less than your monthly cable bill.

Strength: 48″ steel door frame reinforcement security unit + (9) heavy 3.5″ screws provide the toughest home door security. Engineered with a unique 45 degree edge, Door Devil™ can withstand greater kick force while also making the door easier to close.

Simplicity: The Door Devil™ installs directly on to your door frame with no need to dismantle the door frame, casing or hardware. The unit fits all standard doors. Two additional larger eyelets accommodate a 2nd deadbolt with no a need to modify the unit. We even provide the correct drill bit to make the door security upgrade quick and easy.

Superiority: So confident Door Devil™ will not fail, each unit is backed with a 3X Guarantee.

Prevention: The true objective is to prevent the burglary. When burglars are picking out a house in your neighborhood, security signs and window stickers advertise that your home is the hardest target on the block.

Easy 1-2-3-4 Installation:

Door Devil steel door frame reinforcement is simply one of the easiest door security products to install. It’s easy as 1-2-3-4.After successfully installing the steel unit to the surface of the door jamb, (if desired) you can install the Hinge reinforcement screws. The entire operation should take about 30-45 minutes.

Q: Re: Installation – What is the difference between Door Devil™ and other leading products?

Short Answer – Door Devil™ is a “surface mount” security product, thus will save appx. 1.5 hours in installation compared to the less expensive, but more complex “sleeve”or “wrap” style products.

Detailed Answer – The Door Devil™ door security unit simply mounts to the surface of the door frame, which does not require the door frame to be dismantled, the trim/casing to be removed, or finishing nails cut. The “sleeve” or “wrap” style door security products require those steps and significantly increase the complexity and time required to install.

  • 48″ steel door jamb reinforcement replaces 3″ brass strike plate
  • Force is diffused across 4 feet of the door frame
  • 3.5″ heavy screws drive into 2×4 studs behind door frame
  • 3″ screws reinforce hinges – provide extra door security
  • Yard sign helps prevent the home burglary
  • Door Devil Anti Kick Door Jamb Security Kit
  • Manual
  • Mounting Screws
  • Drill Bit
  • Anti Kick Stickers

Additional Information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions5 x 3 x 48 in

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